Suzannah Cowley


Suzannah Cowley

TV Journalist / Film Producer (BA) Communications Broadcast Journalism 

Suzannah Cowley is a television journalist and film producer with a diverse background of experience in television, film and radio broadcasting. A career as a news reporter in regional and metro TV newsrooms in NSW and Victoria inspired a love of sharing real stories from real people, and inspired passion for the environment leading to the creation of Nviro Media in 2016. 

Now a Southern Highlands resident and producing films on a wide range of environmental and rural issues, Suzannah brings a unique ability to translate a story onto film to engage audiences through dynamic interviews and creative scripting and edit production. 

Bringing a wealth of television experience working in domestic and international newsrooms allows Suzannah to engage with a wide range of media teams to create exceptional 


Some of Suzannah's many credits include: News Producer for SBS TV, (News and Insight) News Reporter TCN 10 Melbourne / Sydney, News Reporter / Producer Sunrise Sydney TCN 7, News Reporter Prime Television Newcastle & various East Coast Bureau’s, TV News Producer APTN London, SBS Radio, CNN New York Internship (1997) CNN Millennium Live Coverage Sydney (2000), Great Outdoors Alaska Show Co-ordination, Former Director of a wholesale travel company with a unique understanding of the Travel / Tourism sector.